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Principal & Vice Principal

Petra Goetz, Principal

As your Principal, Petra Goetz, I bring 10 years of teaching experience at GDCI, and 12 years of experience in administration between my years of service at SHDHS and LDSS.

Lucy Langis, Vice-Principal

I began teaching in 2000 in Timmins and have worked as a Physics teacher, Biology teacher, General Science teacher, COOP teacher, Guidance, Exercise Science, Student Success and SERT.  I have also been Department Head of Science and Special Education.  Since moving here five years ago, I have taught K-12 and worked as French Immersion Itinerant teacher and Grade 6-8 teacher.  I am life long learner who loves to run and do triathlons.  I have a passion for sport and have coached many sports with a particular interest in soccer.  Mother of two who spends a lot of time in Hockey rinks during Hockey season.  I am really excited about working at MDHS and becoming a Blue Devil.  I look forward to meeting and learning with all of you.