School Transportation Update - August 2020

Due to the changes from Covid-19 we have had to establish some new operating procedures. 

- Our cut off for ensuring transportation September 8th, will be August 28, 2020. - There will be no additions after August 28th, even at existing or group stops.

- There will be assigned seating on every bus, for every student.

- Parents need to be advised that their student is not able to ride until they have heard from the Bus Operator. This is to give the Operator time to adjust the seating plan and it will take time.

- Bus notes will not be allowed. Students must ride on their assigned bus.

- Students will not be allowed more than 1 address. It does not have to be the student’s home address, but only 1 address per student. The only exception would be a joint custody arrangement.

- After August 28th, it could take up to two weeks to have a student assigned to a bus route, and to put a new seating plan in place. 

NEW***** A new “notification” module for Bus Planner will be operating this year. This will allow parents and schools to receive information regarding bus delays or cancellations. It will require parents to sign up for an account. Once it is operating fully, we hope you will share this information with parents so we can reach as many families as possible.

We hope this year will be a good one, but these changes will be quite different for many families. We will all try and work together to make it as smooth a year as is possible. 

Your Transportation Team

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